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The DeFi Global Summit is a four-day сonference with 50+ global experts sharing their look at the 2020 year’s results in the decentralized finance market and expectations for the next year in this fast growing industry. The top DeFi projects of 2020 year, best DAO-clubs, exchanges and investors will be awarded.

Explore the current opportunities and challenges in the DeFi with a broad lineup of panel discussions, round tables, meetups and network sessions. Learn from the leading entrepreneurs, investors, traders, academics, economists and marketers. #DeFiGlobalSummit is an excellent chance to connect, learn and network with some of the brightest people in the market.entrepreneurs, investors, traders, academics, economists, regulators and marketers. #DeFiGlobalSummit is an excellent chance to connect, learn and network with some of the brightest people in the market. Through various formats we will create the most personal networking experience you can get online.


Venture Capital

We bring together investors, entrepreneurs and DeFi enthusiasts to talk about the 2020 year’s challenges and discuss the future of the decentralized finance projects


Now, at the end of 2020, how close are we to unlocking the revolutionary potential of DAOs? How did the leaving year change the DAO philosophy and what did it bring to DAOs?


What has the DeFi industry been facing in 2020? And what’s next? Our experts will discuss the results of the DeFi hype and make their projections for the 2021


Get to the bottom of the leading DeFi trends of the year: talk on the aspects of yield farming and catch on the most successful farming strategies of the leaving year


Mapping the DeFi market making landscape in the outgoing year: what strategies of the market-makers resulted in

2020 Projects

We will award the brightest DeFi market projects in 2020: DAOs, exchanges, protocols etc

Global Tokenization

Explore the current and the future market outlook and get insight into the advantages and challenges of tokenization


Let's have a look at how the real estate asset tokenization market developed in the passing year. What did projects arise and did they manage to disrupt “the traditional way of doing things”?


What is DeFi?

You have probably heard about DeFi hype and decentralized finance protocols. DeFi generally refers to the blockchain based services, protocols and technologies comprised in the decentralized finance network. The main components of the fastest growing sector of the cryptocurrency industry include digital assets and financial smart contracts, protocols and decentralized applications built on Ethereum. You can find the latest analytics, rankings of DeFi protocols and the list of the best DeFi resources (called DeFi List) on DefiPulse.

How do I get involved in DeFi?

Decentralized finance is open for anyone, and your first step can be exploring the popular projects on the DeFi List from DeFiPulse. Also you can find different guides for beginners, teaching you how to earn passive income using DeFi services. In order to get closer to DeFi services, protocols and technologies you may join the leading events in the market.

How to benefit from the DeFi Global Summit?

#DeFiGlobalSummit is all about the future of decentralized finance. We provide opportunities for individuals, companies and investors interested in deep knowledge of the market, new income sources, management of your finance, investment and projects promotion.

Heard about Maker, Curve, Aave, Synthetix, Uniswap, Compound?

Join our special meetups to catch on the economic aspect of their credit protocols. Interested in Yield Farming, one of the biggest trends in the DeFi space? It’s time to get to the bottom of the leading DeFi trends. Speakers will cover: the key instruments and cases in DeFi how to use DeFi safely how to manage your investments how do DAO communities change the market how to raise finance to your project using DAO decentralizing of venture capital why global tokenization is the future sales, marketing and market-making. Variety of sessions let you design your own agenda. Get ready for a hard-driving programme!


Crypto traders and investors

Crypto traders and investors

Learn from the most successful people in the DeFi market how and when to invest



Network with leading investors and find out how to raise funds to your project, or find a project to invest in



Get it straight from the leading entrepreneurs in the decentralised finance world



Get the most out our experts’ presentations and success stories

Startup founders

Startup founders

It’s a great opportunity to promote your startup in the DeFi space and get an expert feedback

others looking for new market opportunities

Others looking for new market opportunities

If you’re inspired, the Global DeFi Summit is your must-to-go event!


The DeFi Global Summit will be organized as an online event. You will experience four days full of networking and DeFi knowledge sharing.

First day of the conference is open for all the registered participants. It will consist of:

  • Speeches by TOP keynote speakers,
  • Panel Discussions on the hottest topics of the market,
  • AMA sessions for “All access pass” participants.

The participation in the second and following days will be available to the “All access pass” package participants only.

The most thrilling part of our summit will be AFTERPARTY. We are proud to be the first who ever used this format online. The “All access pass” participants  will be invited into a closed group for networking after party. Join the hottest event of the year 2020!

Summit emcees
& Expert speakers

See the speakers live on stage!

Global DeFi is the invitation only event with a carefully curated audience. You are more than welcome to submit your application.



  • Participation in the first open day of the summit
  • Access to the DAO community
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    • Participation in the first open day of the summit
    • Access to the DAO community
    • the Summit records
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    • participation in Autoparty (closed, informal party)
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      December 1, 2020

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      December 2, 2020

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      December 4, 2020




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      DAO Consensus is a decentralized global business community where each member gets a share from the entire network profits. DAO is based on smart-contracts where each transaction is transparent and each member can influence community decisions by voting. 

      The mission of DAO is to help you to adapt to the post-coronavirus economy and to become independent from your local market. DAO provides various ways to earn money depending on your interests and abilities.




      THE DAO

      All the participants get into the DAO Consensus intranet portal upon the registration. You can find the listing of participants there and communicate with anyone you need. Also, you can become a member of DAO Consensus. The mission of our business community is helping you to adapt to post-coronavirus reality and to learn how to earn from global market and stay independent from your local economy. Members of the “All access pass" package will be added into a closed networking group. It’s an excellent opportunity for networking and collaboration with the like-minded people in the digital market.