Felix Xu

SpecialityCo founder & CEO of ARPA, Bella Protocol

Felix graduated with Finance, Information Systems degrees from New York University, which is known for its Computer Science and AI research. For the past 6 years Felix have been working on venture capital investment in Fintech, big data and AI startups. Most recently he led blockchain sector research and early stage investment at Fosun Group, one of the largest conglomerates in China.

ARPA is a blockchain-based layer 2 solution for privacy-preserving computation, enabled by Multi-Party Computation (“MPC”). Founded in April 2018, the goal of ARPA is to separate data utility from ownership, and enable data renting. ARPA’s MPC protocol creates ways for multiple entities to collaboratively analyze data and extract data synergies, while keeping each party’s data input private and secure.

Bella Protocol is an aggregated user interface for existing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols. Built by the ARPA project team, Bella Protocol aims to simplify the user experience of existing DeFi protocols, and to allow users to deploy their assets and earn yield with ease.

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