Dmitry Solovyev

SpecialityCo-Founder - DAO.digital

Co-founder at Dao.digital Investors Club

Organizer of the Global Investor Virtual Summit 2020.

Advisor on digital business transformation and leading consultant in ICO, ITO, IEO, DAO projects.

Evangelist of Zoho platform with ten years of experience in implementation in operations, consulting and breakthrough technologies of digital business:

– Introduction of breakthrough tokenization technologies in startups using smart contracts (ETH),

– digital marketing and e-commerce

– automation of collaboration processes in remote teams based on Zoho One,

– Decentralized organizations (DAO).

Founder of the digital agency MIG.business, which brings together international teams of professionals to participate in projects of international decentralized communities to refine their media/collaboration/financial platforms using partner vendor technologies.

Official partner of Digital industry leaders: Google G Suite, Zoho, Mailchimp, WP Engine. Certified website development consultant for WordPress (WPelevation) and inbound marketing (Hubspot). Author of the bestseller “Internet Shop WITHOUT RULES”.

As an initiative to develop this industry was created DAO AMIGOZ – a decentralized autonomous organization, which launched working groups to develop open-source solutions for further implementation in regional business companies. Some of the working groups demonstrate the lessons learned in deploying infrastructure for digital organizations.

It is known for its versatility and flexibility in applying digital technologies in a variety of cases. Excellent analytical, strategic, leadership qualities dominate and are combined with teamwork in their best manifestations. Leader of PRO communities in Russia and international open-source projects.